Squirrel Away

8 April 2021


Designed by: Nathan Zweers
Art by: Bill Clark

Playing time: 20 minutes
For ages: 4+
Number of players: 2


€ 28,99



Winter turns into spring, the trees grow green, flowers pop up, nature awakes. So do two hungry squirrels. They decide to prepare for winter early this time. Squirrel Away is a game for kids from age 4 and up and combines sensorimotor, strategic and dexterity elements into an engaging, fun experience.

Over the course of three rounds two squirrels play cards to fill .their nest. The one with the most food when the winter starts wins the game.

During a round (spring, summer or fall) each player takes four cards from the deck. Alternating turns the players play the cards and perform actions like:

get 3 food from the bag and put them in their nest (a round wooden ring)
drop an owl ball on their opponent’s nest
steal a food from your opponent with the magpie card

All food that falls out of the nest lands in the mess pile. The mess pile can be deducted from the total amount of collected food, depending on the version you are playing. There are 3 versions, varrying from low difficulty to more strategic.


1 Game board
2 Player boards
24 Cards
2 Big wooden rings
3 Small wooden rings
1 Owlball
1 Hedgehog meeple
2 Squirrel meeples
12 Berries
12 Beechnuts
12 Mushrooms
12 Seeds
1 Jute bag
2 Card holders
1 Rulebook