7 Gods

€ 69,00

Designed by: Joris Maas and Alexander Remi
Art by: Studio Monnikenwerk

Playing time: 30 minutes per player
For ages: 14+
Number of players: 2-6

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Ancient civilizations used to spread stories about mighty gods who created the world and its inhabitants.Standing high above every living being, so the stories go, the gods ruled this world and the creatures living there worshipped them.

This fact was enjoyed so immensely by the gods that some of them wanted to create a new world to spread even more of their stories and in doing so get more beings to worship them.

On this new world 7 Gods from different ancient cultures send their envoy on a mission to spread the stories of their god to become the most popular god of the new world.
But there is only room for 6!


1 Game board
7 God boards
7 Envoys, 1 for each god
14 Islands, 2 for each god (7x 3 villages, 7x 4 villages)
119 Story tokens (4-sided dice), 17 for each god
1 Cloth bag; the Well of Wonders
56 Triumph tokens, 8 for each god
210 Envoy Cards, 1 deck of 30 cards for each god
12 Personal objective cards
1 “Old Stories” card
1 Rulebook

How to play


The first review of 7 Gods is here. Spel! magazine from Ducosim (one of the largest Dutch boardgaming associations) gave it an 8 out of 10. They discribe 7 Gods as collect and deliver with many bells and whistles. Click on the picture for the full page review from the Spel! magazine.